Sort by: Newest. La source la plus importante d'armement dans le Massachusetts est la manufacture d'armes de Springfield. Il fut le bastion des républicains progressistes au XIXe siècle quand le Parti démocrate était encore dominé par les ségrégationnistes du Sud. [169] The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources also offers low-interest, fixed-rate financing with loan support for low-income residents. [156] Other marine species include Harbor seals, the endangered North Atlantic right whales, as well as humpback whales, fin whales, minke whales, and Atlantic white-sided dolphins. Hotels In Boston Massachusetts. Massachusetts is home to four major league professional sports teams: seventeen-time NBA Champions Boston Celtics,[398] nine-time World Series winners Boston Red Sox,[399] six-time Stanley Cup winners Boston Bruins,[400] and six-time Super Bowl winners New England Patriots. [331] Following the approval of a ballot question endorsing legalization in 2016, Massachusetts began issuing licenses for the regulated sale of recreational marijuana in June 2018. Auch Kinder aus aller Welt haben diesen US-Bundesstaat zu ihrem absoluten Liebling erkoren. [208] 32% of the population identifies as having no religion. 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[130] Government contracts, private investment, and research facilities led to a new and improved industrial climate, with reduced unemployment and increased per capita income. [312] In U.S. presidential elections since 2012, Massachusetts has been allotted 11 votes in the electoral college, out of a total of 538. Religious intolerance continued. Jahrhundert gegründet ist Boston in Massachusetts heute der Inbegriff des Kampfes um die amerikanische Unabhängigkeit. Jews currently make up 3% of the population. Mehr anzeigen. Climate change in Massachusetts will affect both urban and rural environments, including forestry, fisheries, agriculture, and coastal development. [303][304] Massachusetts has a pro-sanctuary city law. [219] Massachusetts is also home to the highest ranked private high school in the United States, Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, which was founded in 1778. Im Süden liegt die Halbinsel Cape Code, die ein beliebter Ort für die Ferien ist. Le 2 novembre 2004, John Kerry a obtenu 61,94 % des voix contre 36,78 % à George W. Bush, réélu au plan national. Boston is the largest city, at the inmost point of Massachusetts Bay, and the mouth of the Charles River. [162], To combat this change, the state of Massachusetts’ Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs has outlined a path to decarbonization of the state’s economy. Boston jouera un rôle central lors de la Révolution américaine[11],[12]. [237], Sectors vital to the Massachusetts economy include higher education, biotechnology, information technology, finance, health care, tourism, manufacturing, and defense. [344], Massachusetts was an early center of the Transcendentalist movement, which emphasized intuition, emotion, human individuality and a deeper connection with nature. [186] One major reason for this is that non-Hispanic whites in Massachusetts recorded a total fertility rate of 1.36 in 2017, the second-lowest in the country after neighboring Rhode Island.[187]. [337] Most of the county governments were abolished by the state of Massachusetts beginning in 1997 including Middlesex County,[338] the largest county in the state by population. Children of businessman and ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. included John F. Kennedy, who was a senator and U.S. president before his assassination in 1963, Robert F. Kennedy, who was a senator, U.S. attorney general, and presidential candidate before his assassination in 1968, Ted Kennedy, a senator from 1962 until his death in 2009,[134] and Eunice Kennedy Shriver, a co-founder of the Special Olympics. North of Massachusetts lie Vermont and New Hampshire. The main goal of the Green Communities Act was to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels in the State and to encourage new, more efficient technologies. Das liegt nicht zuletzt an Orlando, wo sich rund 50 Themen- und Erlebnisparks um die Gunst und das Geld der Besucher bemühen. [168] Certain municipalities will offer up to $1.20 per watt, up to 50 percent of the system’s cost on PV arrays 25 kW or less. [309], The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (a chief justice and six associates) are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the executive council, as are all other judges in the state. Massachusetts: Auf Nantucket urlaubt Joe Biden seit 45 Jahren. Le Bureau de l'analyse économique estime que le produit brut de l'État en 2004 était de 318 milliards de dollars. Nearly 800 vessels were commissioned as privateers and are credited with capturing or destroying about 600 British ships.[107]. [73][74], The official name of the state is the "Commonwealth of Massachusetts". Le Massachusetts compte parmi les 15 États des États-Unis qui n'appliquent pas la peine de mort (bien que non formellement abolie dans cet État). Selbst aus dem 17. [66] Massachusetts' public-school students place among the top tier in the world in academic performance. [86] This was the second successful permanent English colony in the part of North America that later became the United States, after the Jamestown Colony. [171] This rebate is available in addition to the tax credits offered by the United States Department of Energy for the purchase of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. [276] This overlaps with the service areas of neighboring regional transportation authorities. [52] On February 6, 1788, Massachusetts became the sixth state to ratify the United States Constitution. En 2010, l'aire métropolitaine combinée de Boston-Worcester-Providence regroupait à elle seule 87,0 % de la population de l'État. [352][353] Tanglewood, in western Massachusetts, is a music venue that is home to both the Tanglewood Music Festival and Tanglewood Jazz Festival, as well as the summer host for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. [332], There are 50 cities and 301 towns in Massachusetts, grouped into 14 counties. Il apprend leur langue et commence à prêcher. Massachusetts County Map2436 x 2058 - 118.11k - PNG. Status Hauptstadt Fläche A-L (km²) Einwohner Zensus (C) 1980-04-01 Einwohner Zensus (C) 1990-04-01 Einwohner Zensus (C) 2000-04-01 Einwohner Zensus (C) 2010-04-01 Einwohner Schätzung (E) 2019-07-01 ; USA USA Fed Rep Washington 9.149.429 226.545.805 … Other counties have been reorganized, and a few still retain county councils. [306] The House consists of 160 members while the Senate has 40 members. Massachusetts [mæsəˈtʃuːsɪts]?/i (offiziell: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts) ist ein Bundesstaat der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika und Teil von Neuengland. Es kann unter der Woche von 12 Uhr bis 15 Uhr besichtigt werden. Die Massachusetts Route 1A ist eine in Nord-Süd-Richtung verlaufende State Route im Bundesstaat Massachusetts der Vereinigten Staaten.Sie ist als alternative Strecke zum U.S. Highway 1 ausgelegt und in ihrem Verlauf teilweise mit diesem identisch, weshalb die Route 1A zweifach unterbrochen und nicht kontinuierlich ausgewiesen ist. [164], The concept of Mass Save was created in 2008 by the passing of the Green Communities Act of 2008 during Deval Patrick’s tenure as governor. Le taux d'urbains était de 92,0 % et celui de ruraux de 8,0 %[15]. L'âge médian était de 39,1 ans[20]. Viele Fans fragen sich deshalb: Gibt es die Stadt wirklich? FCS play includes Harvard University, which competes in the famed Ivy League, and College of the Holy Cross of the Patriot League. Wie viel Schnee wird in den nächsten Tagen noch erwartet? (The name "State of Massachusetts Bay" appeared in the first—rejected—draft. [98], The most destructive earthquake yet known in New England occurred in 1755, causing considerable damage across Massachusetts. [182], By sex, 48.4% were male, and 51.6% were female in 2014. Before the American Civil War, Massachusetts was a center for the abolitionist, temperance,[55] and transcendentalist[56] movements. Fővárosa Boston. In terms of age, 79.2% were over 18 and 14.8% were over 65. Boston Sehenswürdigkeiten . Fin juin 2015, la Cour Suprême décide (Obergefell v. Hodges) que les couples homosexuels peuvent se marier dans l'ensemble du pays[43]. [177][184] As of 2011, non-Hispanic whites were involved in 63.6% of all the births,[185] while 36.4% of the population of Massachusetts younger than age 1 was minorities (at least one parent who was not non-Hispanic white). Il domine les deux chambres de la législature de l'État. Massachusett definition, a member of an extinct tribe of North American Indians of eastern Massachusetts. [177], Most Bay State residents live within the Boston Metropolitan Area, also known as Greater Boston, which includes Boston and its proximate surroundings but also extending to Greater Lowell and to Worcester. Additionally, Massachusetts provided Reagan with his smallest margins of victory in both the 1980[318] and 1984 elections. In Lenox gibt es dann eine riesige Outlet-Mall, wo es Markenkleidung zu sehr günstigen Preisen gibt. ... liegt wiederum in einem völlig anderen Teil von Massachusetts: Er gehört zum Wilson Mountain Reservation, einem State Park in Dedham südwestlich von Boston. [125] Massachusetts is home to the oldest school in continuous existence in North America (The Roxbury Latin School, founded in 1645), as well as the country's oldest public elementary school (The Mather School, founded in 1639),[215] its oldest high school (Boston Latin School, founded in 1635),[216] its oldest continuously operating boarding school (The Governor's Academy, founded in 1763),[217] its oldest college (Harvard University, founded in 1636),[218] and its oldest women's college (Mount Holyoke College, founded in 1837). [270] Four heritage railways are also in operation: Amtrak operates several inter-city rail lines connecting Massachusetts. [52] In the 18th century, the Protestant First Great Awakening, which swept Britain and the Thirteen Colonies, originated from the pulpit of Northampton preacher Jonathan Edwards. Les Pères pèlerins, arrivés à bord du Mayflower, établirent leur implantation à Plymouth en 1620. Caasimada Massachusetts iyo magaalada ugu badan ee ku taal New England waa Boston. University Of Massachusetts Boston. Počas náboženských nepokojov v 16. storočí sa skupina mužov a … Spring til navigation Spring til søgning. There are a total of 36,800 miles (59,200 km) of interstates and other highways in Massachusetts. [301] The state housed the first openly gay member of the United States House of Representatives, Gerry Studds, in 1972[302] and in 2004, Massachusetts became the first state to allow same-sex marriage. "The Hull Mint produced several denominations of silver coinage, including the pine tree shilling, for over 30 years until the political and economic situation made operating the mint no longer practical." ", "New England Neptune: Massachusetts State Shell", "The Official Massachusetts State Quarter", "Greater Boston gains population, remains 10th-largest region in U.S", "Staying Power: The Future of Manufacturing in Massachusetts", "Housing and Economic Development:Key Industries", "Springfield Armory: Technology in Transition", "The First Great Awakening—Jonathan Edwards", "The Temperance Issue in the Election of 1840: Massachusetts", "Images of the Antislavery Movement in Massachusetts", "Springfield College: The Birthplace of Basketball", "The International Volleyball Hall of Fame", "Massachusetts court strikes down ban on same-sex marriage", "Harvard's Endowment Remains Biggest of All", "Meet Merrick Garland, Obama's Supreme Court nominee", "When a neighborhood is crowned the most innovative square mile in the world, how do you keep it that way? En 2000, les Massachusettais s'identifiaient principalement comme étant d'origine irlandaise (22,5 %), italienne (13,6 %), anglaise (11,4 %), française (8,0 %), allemande (5,9 %), polonaise (5,1 %), canadienne-française (4,9 %), portugaise (4,4 %), américaine (3,9 %) et portoricaine (3,1 %)[25]. Depuis 2010, l'État connaît la 26e croissance démographique la plus soutenue des États-Unis. [257], The state imposes a 6.25% sales tax[255] on retail sales of tangible personal property—except for groceries, clothing (up to $175.00), and periodicals. Ils furent vite suivis par les puritains, qui établirent la colonie de la Baie de Massachusetts. Le Massachusetts se classe près du bas de l'échelle - 47e au niveau national en 2019- pour les temps de trajet et la qualité des routes. Massachusetts is the fastest-growing state in New England and the 25th fastest-growing state in the United States. [379][380][381], Massachusetts generally ranks highly among states in most health and disease prevention categories. Out of the state house's 160 seats, Democrats hold 127 seats (79%) compared to the Republican Party's 32 seats (20%), an independent sits in the remaining one,[323] and 34 out of the 40 seats in the state senate (85%) belong to the Democratic Party compared to the Republican Party's six seats (15%). Les deux sénateurs de l'État étaient le démocrate John Kerry et le républicain Scott Brown. Das Freilichtmuseum lässt das Landleben im ... Nach der Überquerung des Concord River, über die North Bridge, könnt ihr euch anschauen, wo die erste Schlacht im Amerikanischen Unabhängigkeitskrieg zwischen Kolonisten und Briten ausgetragen wurde. Both Protestant and Roman Catholic communities have been in decline since the late 20th century, due to the rise of irreligion in New England. Le président élu, Donald Trump n'a récolté que 32,8 % des voix[38]. Und welches Skigebiet hat die höchste Schneehöhe? Massachusetts was the first state to recruit, train, and arm a Black regiment with White officers, the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment. Das Gebäude liegt auf dem Mount Greylock, einem Gebirgszug im Bundesstaat Massachusetts im Nordosten der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika. Where Massachusetts really departs from Alabama is in her secondary battery; indeed, Massachusetts is unique among American battleships with the power of her secondaries. Une fois que les hostilités commencent, le Massachusetts soutient l'effort de guerre, à maints égards. The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, and the DeCordova contemporary art and sculpture museum in Lincoln are all located within Massachusetts,[358] and the Maria Mitchell Association in Nantucket includes several observatories, museums, and an aquarium. Geography of Massachusetts (USA). The Kennedy family was prominent in Massachusetts politics in the 20th century. Boston may get most of the attention in this New England state, but Massachusetts holds many other livable communities. [44] Asal ahaan waxay ku tiirsan tahay beeraha, kalluumeysiga iyo ganacsiga, [45] Massachusetts waxaa loo badalay xarun wax … Tous les 4 juillet, Boston organise une célébration renommée du jour d’Indépendance. "On April 6, 1681, Randolph petitioned the king, informing him the colony was still pressing their own coins which he saw as high treason and believed it was enough to void the charter. Le Massachusetts est situé dans le nord-est des États-Unis, bordé à l'ouest par l'État de New York, au nord par l'État de Vermont et l'État de New Hampshire, à l'est par l'océan Atlantique et au sud par les États de Connecticut et de Rhode Island. There, more frequent intercity service is provided by private bus carriers, including Peter Pan Bus Lines (headquartered in Springfield), Greyhound Lines, OurBus and BoltBus. Le Bureau de la gestion et du budget a défini six aires métropolitaines et deux aires micropolitaines dans ou en partie dans l'État du Massachusetts[9]. Aujourd'hui l'État du Massachusetts est un des États les plus progressistes des États-Unis. Italians form the second-largest ethnic group in the state (13.5%), but form a plurality only in some suburbs north of Boston and in a few towns in the Berkshires. [225] The public University of Massachusetts (nicknamed UMass) features five campuses in the state, with its flagship campus in Amherst, which enrolls more than 25,000. Some major museums and important historical sites are also located there, and events and festivals throughout the year celebrate the state's history and heritage. John Eliot, pasteur presbytérien au Massachusetts entreprend d'évangéliser les Amérindiens à partir de 1641. [231] CNBC's list of "Top States for Business for 2014" has recognized Massachusetts as the 25th-best state in the nation for business,[232] and for the second year in a row the state was ranked by Bloomberg as the most innovative state in America. [116] At first, the new industries drew labor from Yankees on nearby subsistence farms, and later relied upon immigrant labor from Europe and Canada. It is home to the Greater Boston metropolitan area, a region influential upon American history, academia, and industry. Boston University, Northeastern University, UMASS Lowell, and Merrimack College also participate in Division I athletics. L'État comptait également le 10e plus grand nombre d'Asiatiques (349 768) des États-Unis. L'État recèle de nombreux paysages uniques : de la côte atlantique avec les plages et les endroits touristiques du cap Cod, aux monts Berkshire à l'ouest et à la Vallée pionnière (en), où coule le fleuve Connecticut, au centre. [391] According to 2015 rankings by U.S. News & World Report, Massachusetts General Hospital is ranked in the top three in two health care specialties. Some colleges and universities also operate campus television and radio stations, and print their own newspapers. Hier gibt es nicht nur reichlich Gelegenheiten zum Schwimmen und Surfen, sondern auch zahlreiche Radwege, auf denen sich die Landschaft mit dem Rad erforschen lässt. [316], Massachusetts routinely votes for the Democratic Party, with the core concentrations in the Boston metro area, the Cape and Islands, and Western Massachusetts outside Hampden County. Le sociétalisme du Massachusetts est aussi ancien que son puritanisme. [59] The American Hockey League (AHL), the NHL's development league, is headquartered in Springfield.[403]. Selon des estimations de 2013, 81,8 % des Massachusettais étaient nés dans un État fédéré, dont 62,1 % dans l'État du Massachusetts et 19,7 % dans un autre État (11,8 % dans le Nord-Est, 3,4 % dans le Sud, 2,6 % dans le Midwest, 1,9 % dans l'Ouest), 2,6 % étaient nés dans un territoire non incorporé ou à l'étranger avec au moins un parent américain et 15,6 % étaient nés à l'étranger de parents étrangers (35,8 % en Amérique latine, 29,2 % en Asie, 22,9 % en Europe, 8,7 % en Afrique, 3,2 % en Amérique du Nord, 0,3 % en Océanie). Massachusetts (distagadur : [ˌmæsəˈtʃuːsɪts]), ent-ofisiel Kenglad Massachusetts (Commonwealth of Massachusetts), a zo ur stad eus Bro-Saoz Nevez e biz Stadoù-Unanet Amerika, war aod reter ar vro. New York grenzt im Süden an Pennsylvania und New Jersey, im Osten an Massachusetts, Connecticut und Vermont, im Norden und Nordwesten an die kanadischen Provinzen Québec und Ontario.New York hat zudem eine Seegrenze mit Rhode Island.Der Bundesstaat erstreckt sich auf einer Fläche von etwas mehr als 141.000 km² und nimmt damit nach Fläche den 27. [51] In 1786, Shays' Rebellion, a populist revolt led by disaffected American Revolutionary War veterans, influenced the United States Constitutional Convention. Along the western border of Western Massachusetts lies the highest elevated part of the state, the Berkshires. La majorité de la population habite sur la côte autour de Boston et des villes industrielles. [258] There is no inheritance tax and limited Massachusetts estate tax related to federal estate tax collection. Les Hispaniques étaient principalement originaires de Porto Rico (42,4 %), de la République dominicaine (16,5 %), du Salvador (6,9 %), du Mexique (6,1 %), du Guatemala (5,2 %) et de la Colombie (3,8 %)[27]. The population of the city proper is 692,600,[335] and Greater Boston, with a population of 4,873,019, is the 11th largest metropolitan area in the nation. Quincy [ˈkwɪnzi] ist eine US-amerikanische Stadt (seit 1888) in Neuengland im Bundesstaat Massachusetts.Sie liegt an der Quincy Bay zehn Kilometer südöstlich von Boston.Der Ort nennt sich auch City of the Presidents, weil mit John Adams (2. Frosts are frequent all winter, even in coastal areas due to prevailing inland winds. [341], Massachusetts has contributed to American arts and culture. Boston liegt im Nordosten der Vereinigten Staaten an der nordamerikanischen Ostküste in der Massachusetts Bay und verteilt sich auf eine Fläche von 232 km². [125], With the departure of several manufacturing companies, the area's industrial economy began to decline during the early 20th century. Boston Tourist Information Denne kategori har nedenstående 7 underkategorier, af i alt 7. The Associated Press maintains a bureau in Boston, and local news wire the State House News Service feeds coverage of state government to other Massachusetts media outlets. [373] The other market surrounds the Springfield area. As of the 2018 elections, the Democratic Party holds a super-majority over the Republican Party in both chambers of the Massachusetts General Court (state legislature). Pockets of Republican strength are in the central areas along the I-495 crescent, Hampden County, and communities on the south and north shores,[317] but the state as a whole has not given its Electoral College votes to a Republican in a presidential election since Ronald Reagan carried it in 1984. 2019 in Friedrichshafen die Indoor Flugshow von FMT gefilmt. Teilweise unglaublich was alles fliegt. En effet, actuellement les deux Sénateurs du Massachusetts sont Elizabeth Warren et Edward Markey. [142] The shifting climate in Massachusetts will result in significant change to the built environment and ecosystems. Grâce à la coopérative Ocean Spray, le Massachusetts est le second plus grand État producteur de canneberges, après le Wisconsin. The more than 33,000 nonprofits in Massachusetts employ one-sixth of the state's workforce. [84], The first English settlers in Massachusetts, the Pilgrims, arrived on the Mayflower[85] at Plymouth in 1620, and developed friendly relations with the native Wampanoag people. Denne kategori indeholder emner om delstaten Massachusetts i USA. 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