sumproduct只是将这个数组 求和 。 其作用相当于数组公式(数组公式输入时要按ctrl+shift+enter完成) =SUM(1/COUNTIF(A2:A18,A2:A18)) COUNTIF (A2:A11,A2:A11) : This part will return an array of the count of each element in the cell.

已知数列a1,a2,…,a30,其中a1,a2,…a10是首项为1公差为1的等差数列,a10,a11,…a20是公差为d 1年前 1个回答 excel前五项之和 即A1到A5=A6 A7到A12=A13 A14到A19=A20.以此类推得公式 The range specifies where to search in excel sheet (numbers, arrays, a named range or references that contain numbers can be given as range). The syntax of using the COUNTIF function is: COUNTIF(range, criteria) Where: The range is required. hiromuyです。 あれ!?そうですか。う~ん? 数式後半のIF文中で、 COUNTIF(A1:A10,0)=0が条件式ですが、これはA1:A10の範囲にあるブランクセル(数式は入力されている)の個数が0の場合ということ … The criterion is the condition that you want to test. Syntax of COUNTIF function. If you select this part of formula and press F9, you will see the array. If “Radha” occurs two times and “Reena” 3 then the array will be.

{2,2,3,3,3}.In this example it is {2;3;3;3;3;3;3;2;2;2}.