Navistar’s last profitable quarter came in mid-2012 and much of Navistar’s problems stem from the fact that they bet on the wrong diesel engine technology. Backed by the industry’s best-in-class 2-year, unlimited mile, unlimited hour warranty, the International A26 also offers industry … Seems like you hit a great combination. Navistar International Corp. is recalling more than 4,900 late-model Class 8 International LT and RH tractors because defective connecting rods could cause engine failure, stranding a driver in traffic.The company knows of three instances in which a driver was stuck in a lane of traffic and dozens in which the driver managed to ease the truck to the side of the road. From 9400s to Prostars, we Page 2/5 This document will address the unique Multi Torque functionality for the A26 engine. Exposing less oil to hot pistons also reduces oil oxidation to improve oil drain intervals. After June, all new International LT Series and RH Series models equipped with an International A26 engine will include the capability to make remote cellular over-the-air updates to authorized engine calibrations and programmable parameters. Will be fun to watch how this plays out. The new 12.4-liter engine was built to deliver industry-leading uptime, durability and reliability, the company says. de Motores da America do Sul Ltda. Fleetguard Filters for International A26, N11 & N13 Engines Fleetguard Filters for International A26, N11 & N13 Engines LT36488.pdf [1] English Lube Filtration [2] LT36448 Products For more information call 1800 032 037 or email Page 1 of 1. "We are so confident in the International A26 engine that we are offering customers additional peace of mind through the A26 Customer Uptime Assurance Program, the … I go by the shop frequently on my runs and will check from time to time on how the LT's and the new A26 are doing. “By leveraging the benefits of the new variable geometry turbo, the A26 engine brake performance increased up to 67% at lower engine speeds and higher altitudes,” according to Jacobs. Dubbed the A26, it does look promising, in that they seem to have realized how the screwed the pooch pretty bad on the N13 and started from scratch to come up with a totally new engine that has nothing from the N13. lighter than traditional big-bore engines. Browse our selection of used Navistar sleeper and day cab trucks. Driven by a commitment to deliver customer uptime, the A26 was developed through an initiative called Project Alpha, which brought together a new team of the industry's foremost powertrain … BUILT WITH UPTIME IN ITS DNA. The A26 produces up to 475 HP and 1750 lb.-ft. of torque, yet is 600-700 lbs. The new engine is up to 5% more fuel efficient compared to the N-series engine it replaces, said Navistar. Navistar: International A26 12.4l engine named to Heavy Duty Trucking’s Top 20 award for 2018 Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT) has selected the International® A26 12.4-liter big bore diesel engine … While Wall Street prognosticators found Navistar’s latest earnings report “disappointing,” for … “Navistar is fully committed to the International A26 engine. Equipment 'Encouraging sign': Navistar finds turnaround in new LT tractor, A26 engine. "92% of our tractor purchases include the A26 Engine. Navistar recently filed notice with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) concerning a defective or noncompliant component on its A26 engine, which could result in complete engine failure in nearly 4,500 affected trucks in the United States.. Navistar has pledged to outright replace any engines that exhibit the signs of the potential defect, which the … Programmable Parameters The following programmable parameters are required for engine speed auxiliary control. It reminded me to much of the time Homer Simpson changed his name to Max Power, a name he … A full-featured PC application, Navistar Engine Diagnostics is designed to meet the wide range of diagnostic challenges of servicing a mixed truck fleet. ", it has two manufacturing plants: one in São Paulo , Brazil (headquarters) and another in Cordoba , … ... then maybe Navistar finally hit a home run. These parameters should be programmed to the engine speed control operation which will best suit the vehicle conditions expected. Navistar has pledged to outright replace any engines that exhibit the signs of the potential defect, which the company estimates will number about 600 units. Jacobs Vehicle Systems collaborated with Navistar engineers to provide a factory-installed compression release engine brake for the A26 engine. a26 Our global engine lineup covers the light, medium and heavy duty range of diesel engines - and delivers uncompromising performance all the way. Bobby Post, President and CEO, W.L.A., Inc. SERVICE INTERVALS The A26 design allows for increased service intervals keeping you on the road longer. Jacobs Vehicle Systems announced the launch of a compression release engine brake for the International A26 engine.. Jacobs and Navistar engineers collaborated to provide an engine … Built from the proven MAN D26 engine crankcase, the A26 produces up to 475 horsepower and 1,750 lb.-ft. of torque from a design that's 600-700 lbs. Navistar® Engine Diagnostics is a diagnostic and programming service tool for Navistar® Engines. Personally, I’m happy to see the Maxxforce name leave us. International Trucks, and its A26 engine, are brands of Navistar Inc. Its components have been carefully engineered to deliver uncompromising uptime as well as class-leading fuel efficiency, reduced weight and quiet operation. The International A26 big bore engine is available in the LT, RH, HX and HV Series trucks. ©2017 Navistar, Inc. 1 General Overview: Multi Torque Mode Multi Torque (MT) Mode selection allows better multi torque utilization. In 2005, Navistar purchased MWM International Motores, a Brazilian diesel engine manufacturer formerly associated with the german manufacturer of the same name, Motoren Werke Mannheim AG (MWM). less than 15L big-bore engines The Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) Oil change service interval has been increased to 70,000 miles* At 2,299 lbs., the A26 is the lightest engine in its class: The A26 weighs 600-700 lbs. LISLE, Ill. – International Truck is assuring customers its new A26 engine will be reliable, by offering gift cards in the event of breakdowns that can’t be quickly remedied. 1 March 2017. International unveiled a new, 12.4 liter A26 diesel engine for Class 8 truck applications. Not a "upgrade" of the existing engine. The Multi Torque feature selects the programmable Engine Control Module (ECM) parameters for the desired vehicle configuration. The “Change Engine Oil” text message and a yellow service wrench, in the gauge cluster, indicates the engine oil change interval is soon to expire or has expired. Engines: A26, Cummins, Navistar | International® Trucks Used Navistar Trucks For Sale. Navistar unveils 12.4 liter A26 engine. And our manufacturing scope, industry knowledge and state-of-the-art facilities provide a resource like no other to all of our customers all across the globe. lighter than a traditional 15L big bore engine. Coverage includes all J1939 International electronic engine systems. Below is a video of engine manufacturing relating to the new N9 and N10. About Navistar Navistar International Corporation (NYSE: NAV) is a holding company whose subsidiaries and affiliates produce International ® brand commercial and military trucks, proprietary diesel engines, and IC Bus ™ … Replace Engine Oil and Oil Filter: Up to 70,000 miles with oil sampling and International Truck approval Greater than 6.5 mpg: 50,000 miles (80,000 km) 5.5 to 6.5 mpg: 35,000 miles (56,000 km) Less than 5.5 mpg: 20,000 miles (32,000 km), 500 hours, or 6 months: Replace Fuel Filter: At every oil change or 1,300 hours What are the other specs.... trans, diff ratio, etc. The A26 engine is available for order in the International ® LT™ Series of long-haul vehicles and RH™ Series of regional haul vehicles. International A26 engine, Cummins, or Navistar's own N series engines. NASHVILLE -- When … This big bore engine has been relentlessly tested with hundreds of thousands of hours of dyno testing and millions of real-world test miles. Now called "MWM International Ind. The A26 has proven that you can do it with a 12.4-liter motor and do it efficiently. The 12.4 liter A26 engine was introduced three years ago and marked a new "The International A26 engine, developed from a new way of thinking and with 'uptime' in its DNA, is at the core of our vocational truck strategy," said Mark Stasell, vice president, Vocational Truck Business. "We are significantly reducing our maintenance costs." Their diesel engine emission technology proved to be a disaster, ultimately costing Navistar more than $700 million, and it continues to haunt them to this day. Over the past two years, International has introduced the LT Series, RH Series, HX Series and, most recently, the HV Series. lubrication and engine durability. International Truck today launched the International ® A26 engine, a powerful new 12.4-liter engine designed to provide industry-leading uptime to the Class 8 market. A26_ICESC_01292020 In-Cab Engine Speed Control 5 ©2020 Navistar, Inc. Navistar will continue to offer its proprietary A26 engine, Navistar spokeswoman Bre Whalen told Transport Topics. Navistar's new A26 diesel engine, unveiled at TMC in Nashville, is the product of a radically new approach to engine design by the company. The waring indications can be programmed to come on and go off when a percentage of an interval is reached and then come on steady when the interval is met or it can be programmed to just come on steady.

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